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Special Effects Deep Purple Hair Dye

Honna sent these photos to us of her with Deep Purple hair - and since I'm a total sucker for women in camo looking awesome, I didn't decide on just one, I had to put them all up =)

'I redyed my hair Friday afternoon and those pics were taken Sunday evening. I use Clairol Shimmer Lights blue shampoo to help keep it frosty and I do not prebleach my hair, but I do have some grey streaks in my hair that really soak up the purple. I used to get the same effect by bleaching streaks into my hair first, but I don't even have to do that now.' Her hair is naturally dark brown!

Deep Purple dyed over natural Ash Blonde hair.

"It's my first time using Deep Purple and I love it love it love it. I've gotten so many compliments and its the first color I've used that makes virtual strangers want to touch my hair."

"Hey, here are some pics of me with my Special Effects hair :) I used a combination of Deep Purple, Pimpin Purple, and Burgandy Wine. I bleached a bunch of streaks, then randomly applied dye to sections at a time. I mixed the dyes together in random combinations for most of the sections, so I don't know if the effect could actually be reproduced, but the three colors mix well and I love the results. The purple matches the purple in my nose piercing perfectly!"

Ambivalent said:

" These pictures were taken after the second time I washed it. I used two shades of purple: Pimpin' Purple and Deep Purple. I dyed my head in 18 sections, alternating colors as I went. I think it turned out rather nice. The lighter purple isn't so magenta in real life (Pimpin' Purple)"

Pictured above is Cameo with her Deep Purple hair. She's a professional hairstylist and had the following to say about Deep Purple, and other Special Effects colors:

I bought Special Effects haircolor from your website and LOVE it! I'm a hairstylist and have used every type of color. My hunt for the perfect-bright-deep-long lasting purple has finally ended!!

I bleach my hair first (until it is gold/yellow,the color of my daughters) after shampooing that (with no conditioner) pin up my hair and paint Atomic pink to the bottom section, let down the section above my ears and paint that section Blue Velvet , then the top section and my bangs goes my beloved Deep purple!!

I sit under a hood dryer with a plastic bag on my head for 10-15 minutes, cool for 5 minutes (to close the cuticle back up,) shampoo/cond. and then scrub my tub!! :)

I re-apply one of the colors every 3 weeks. so, once a month either the pink, blue or purple section gets re-brightened. I find that Deep Purple fades (in about 6 shampoos) to Pimp'n Purple. Also, that Blue Velvet fades in about 6 shampoos to Electric Blue. Atomic Pink fades to a very pale pink in that time.

I only rebleach my roots every 3 months and the darker colors look just fine throughout.

Another great photo of Deep Purple hairdye =)

Deep Purple dyed hair.

'(Deep Purple) My current color =D I have it on the tips of my atomic pink bangs and that combination really helps bring it out more. I love the purple and I didn't have to bleach the tips of my bangs, I just applied and it came out great.'

Special Effects Deep Purple lasts from 4-6 weeks depending on your hair's porosity. The more porous your hair, the longer it will last. Deep Purple is $11.49 for a 4oz bottle of color.

Deep Purple
very dark blue-purple
Special Effects Deep Purple Color swatch

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