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Special Effects Cupcake Pink Hair Dye

Fishbowl with Cupcake Pink, the day it was dyed over very light blonde hair

Cupcake Pink is on the bangs of her hair - the rest are dread extensions!

" I ordered The Cupcake Pink and Put A few Streaks Here and There Throughout my blonde hair. It Looks Adorable and I get Tons Of Complements On It! I think Ill Keep It Thanks! And Its Just In Time For Valentines day! :)"

Rachel with freshly dyed Cupcake Pink hair!

These are shrunk photos from a photoshoot done by the good people at Risingsun.net of 'SW' with Cupcake Pink hair. She has this to say:
"I don't ever shampoo the pink , just water and condition it. Then I rub super skinny serum by paul mitchell in it. The color NEVER fades that way. Occasionally after about 40 washes it dulls, nothing a touch up cant take care of"
Thank you for the photo submission and thanks to Risingsun.net for giving permission to include this photo in the gallery! =)

Cupcake Pink over freshly bleached hair.

Gorgeous Cupcake Pink hair

Cupcake Pink and Atomic Pink 2-3 weeks after dyeing.

Newly dyed Cupcake Pink.

Taken a little more than a week after dyeing.

Wow, it came out bright! Cupcake Pink over freshly bleached hair!

This was taken a few days after dyeing.

"This was taken a few days after the Cupcake Pink was applied to white-blonde hair, and the next day after adding some Wildflower [to the pink]".

Cupcake Pink two weeks after applying to bleached hair.

Special Effects Cupcake Pink lasts from 4-6 weeks depending on your hair's porosity. The more porous your hair, the longer it will last. Cupcake Pink is $11.49 for a 4oz bottle of color.

Cupcake Pink
pink that starts out bright
and fades into a long
lasting pastel

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