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Special Effects Cherry Bomb Hair Dye

"I am submitting my photo after using Cherry Bomb because I am very pleased with the results. You are free to use my photo if you wish. Unlike the rest of your very young clientele, I am 53 years old! I received so many compliments, I just had to let you know that even us old geezers can use it! "

" Immediately after doing this, strange women would run their hands through my hair and strange people would strike up conversations with me in the market, in movie lines, at restaurants. I should have done this years ago! "

(above hair by Leslie at Roche, Pasadena)

He sent in more photos of his gorgeous hair to us recently!!:

"... my recent/current color, Cherry bomb! It's an amazing color that went well over my (Cupcake, which was put over Atomic) pink, and it even hid my naturally ashen blonde grow out!"


Really intensely gorgeous faceframing streaks of Cherry Bomb.

" (this) is my best friend with bits of cherry bomb on his second layer and blood red underneath that. it came out really great. when he plays shows and he's going all crazy and headbanging and stuff, you can see the pretty difference. also, he glows under blacklight. magnificent."

"Here I am with Cherry Bomb! I know it looks a little orange in the first picture, but that is due to camera flash. The second color is a more accurate representation of what it really looks like. Cherry bomb is unusual in that after it is washed a few times, it is hard to tell whether it is red or pink. It also gets brighter the more you wash it, instead of fading or turning orange. I always get a lot of comments on my hair, but the ones I got for cherry bomb were some of the best. My favorite was when I was sitting on a bus and a bunch of puerto rican middle schoolers got on, looked at me, and began calling me the devil in spanish! A friend described it as hyper-magenta. And, of course, it turns this insane pink-red color under blacklight that makes your eyes melt to look at."

This photo shows Nolita at the gun range 2 days after bleaching sections of her jet black hair and applying cherry bomb red dye. It lasted this red for about 3 weeks but faded well over another 6 weeks.

KhryZ with Cherry Bomb hair!

Erin above with Cherry Bomb on their hair. She says "it is an insanely bright red, people comment on it even in dark clubs. previous to this, i had chunks of a purple i mixed from candy apple red and blue velvet (using up almost empty bottles of dye, one of my favorite hobbies) and then i waited til my roots were obnoxiously long to bleach out the roots and streaks to apply this color. it looks great with my black tips, i love it very much"

"Cherry Bomb is an amazing color, when i first dyed my hair i was almost in shock to see the results: it's so bright! The photos do not justice to the color at all, it's almost neon under sunlight, people in the street even pointed at me saying: look at her hair!"

Virgin rose in the front and mixed in with Cherry Bomb in the back and in the braids.

" ...this dye is AMAZING. The day after I dyed it (over platinum blonde hair with dark brown roots), my hair was literally so bright that I could walk past groups of people chatting and hear them suddenly gasp and stop talking. Even better, it fades to an awesome hot pink rather than the gross orangy-peachy color that most dyes end up. "

Vibrant Cherry Bomb!

Iguana Green, Cherry Bomb, Atomic Pink and Joyride shown above!

Jess with fresh Cherry Bomb hair.

Special Effects Cherry Bomb lasts from 4-6 weeks depending on your hair's porosity. The more porous your hair, the longer it will last. Cherry Bomb is $11.49 for a 4oz bottle of color.

Cherry Bomb
bright bright *neon* cool-toned red

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