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Special Effects Blood Red Hair Dye
Cybernia Flux with Special Effects Blood Red dye

Cybernia Flux pictured above with her hair Blood Red. She says: "It had fantastic staying power. In the period from February 9th until yesterday (April 30th) I only had to redye it once, and I only did that because my roots were too long for my liking. The picture was taken March 21st."

"These pictures are of Blood Red, taken just a few days after dyeing. I believe I dyed over hair that was a muddle of blonde, orange, and brown (after stripping out a permanent auburn). You may notice some slightly darker streaks in my hair, and that color is Punky Color's Plum. This color lasted fairly well on the whole, but I found that it faded relatively quickly near my roots. As I recall, the color pretty much always bled when I shampooed, and this was fairly disturbing at first, as I'd open my eyes after giving my hair a vigorous scrubbing and find the shower walls heavily spattered with blood colored drops. That took some getting used to. ;)"

" Here is ... Blood Red, a couple weeks after dying."

"Hi, guys!? Just wanted to send you two shots of my hair 2 days (and 1 shampoo) after applying Blood Red by Special Effects. Feel free to post one or the other on your website if you want. My hair is dyed black, but for this I had highlighted sections bleached out to a light orangey color. I left the dye on the highlighted sections for 10 min under the dryer. Usually I leave it on for about 20 minutes under a dryer, and the color will come out incredibly deep and lighten with every shampoo (as with Deep Purple, which I did the same thing with a few months ago), but I think this came out very well despite the shorter amount of time."

"I took this pic 2 days after dyeing. The color was placed only on the bottom layer and my hair was not pre-lightened. I have light brown hair, and the color covered perfectly and showed up incredible! I've had it in for a month now, and it's only slightly faded!"

"The ... picture was taken three weeks after using the Blood Red hair dye over light brown hair. It had very good lasting power except around the top, which was easily fixed with touching up. The water in the shower never failed to be at least a pink shade, which worried me for a while, being concerned that it would all just wash out. But, I was wrong, and it stayed for a good few months."
Special Effects Blood Red dyeSpecial Effects Blood Red dye

Two gorgeous photos of Blood Red dyed hair, the picture was taken 3 days after dyed her hair. She says she pre-bleached with Special Effects 40 volume bleach to make the color come out brighter.

Special Effects Blood Red on non-bleached Dark Brown hair. The photo on the left was taken in the sunlight and the photo on the right was indoors.

Special Effects Blood Red dye

Blood red hair, it looks like these were dyed over bleached streaks and over her natural dark color.

Special Effects Blood Red lasts from 4-6 weeks depending on your hair's porosity. The more porous your hair, the longer it will last. Blood Red is $11.49 for a 4oz bottle of color.

Blood Red
deep rich red
Blood Red Color Swatch

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