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Special Effects Atomic Pink Hair Dye

"I thought I'd share with you guys my Atomic Pink results. I've done several of your colors, but this has to be my favorite by far. It's ten times brighter in person, and people always come up to me and ask me if they can touch it o.O I take it as a compliment. It's been in for almost two weeks, and hasn't faded at all. :) It's really a kickass color."

"...Now, believe it or not, this Atomic Pink photo was after 1 month. The color lasted well over 2 months and the only reason I had to redye was because of my roots and because in a couple spots on my head, the dye fades(all colors) without reason... "

"Here's my go at Atomic Pink. This is about a month after application, washing every day."

" This is my hair the day of dyeing. I used Atomic Pink on the top and Blue Mayhem underneath. I LOVED the way it turned out :] Unfortunately, the blue faded to purple because the pink is so dominant, but you can still see some blue when I put up my hair. At least it faded to a pretty purple :P "

"The first picture of me is with freshly dyed atomic pink! I loved the color, and it lasted for about two months (I shampooed my hair three times a week with color treated shampoo, and it still stayed as bright as it possibly could!)."

"atomic pink - after first washing ( a week later)"

"Not sure if you're still taking client pictures, but I wanted to share pics of my hair and say thank you for the great hair dye. I've recently tried out Atomic Pink from you guys and it lasted THREE months. I put it in at the end of November last year and just now had to dye over it the past two days, and have gone Nuclear Red, both times with blue streaked in (but the blue was from Paul Mitchell that I had left over from my hair dresser) but wow. I love the brightness of the colors and the fact that my hair feels soft and light and fluffy, despite four hours of intensive colour treatment. I love Special Effects. It's so rare to find a dye that's doesn't destroy your hair and looks great."
The first photo above is Nuclear Red, some Pimpin and blue - the 2nd is Atomic with blue.

"Both of these are beautiful shots of how amazing Atomic Pink is. I have used every brand made, but there is nothing better than special effects! Even in a dark club, my hair shines bright."

"these pictures are atomic pink and blue mayhem several weeks after dyeing. "

PS with Atomic Pink and Hi Octane Orange hair!

"I looooove Atomic, it's incredibly bright and vibrant. I think it might be my new favorite (:"

"I haven't actually purchased dye from your site (yet) but it's special effects galleries have been one of my largest factors in choosing my colors and I thought that despite the plethora of images of Atomic pink you have another featuring how amazingly well a guy can pull it off.Atomic pink is without a doubt the best color I have ever dyed my hair...I just wish our weather hadn't been so hot and steamy durning the time I kept it in....I would have kept it longer.Light clothing, sweat, and atomic pink really don't mix.Anyway, enjoy!This was taken within the first week after dying. I also used it in my sisters hair in late August, and it is still pink now in late March (7 months later!) with some parts nearly as bright as they were in the beginnin, even after many visits to the pool (CHLORINE!), hundreds of shampoos, and God knows what else. I think she regrets her original inclination to have me dye her hair, but only a bit! "

"These pics where taken after 2 washes. I love the bold color that it gives my hair. Me and my husband love it. I am glad I found your site!!! Now my daughters want to color their hair blue as well. :)"

"I am in love with Special Effects' Atomic Pink. Your user gallery seduced me into purchasing it and I have no regrets.

My hair has been awesomely pink for just about two months now. I bleached the top half of my hair, but it wasn't anywhere near white. The bottom half is still brown, but will soon be turning into Joyride when I refresh my Atomic Pink half. I get the most comments and questions from old ladies -- they love it. I had one really, really old grandma tell me out of the blue, 'I love it, don't listen to what your mother says!' Although I took care to condition and hardly shampoo in the beginning, I gave up after a few weeks. I should also note that I converted a friend of mine from a certain brand that sounds like Fanic Yanic after her own color washed out after a few shampoos. Special Effects wins!"

"heres some pics of Atomic pink over golden blond natural hair, no bleach.

first pic is the morning after being dyed; second is after about two weeks. "

"I used 40 volume bleach for 90 minutes then left the dye (atomic pink) on for a little over an hour.. i've had the pink for a lil over two weeks and i love it SOOO much. it hasnt even BEGUN to fade.. its still the same color as the very day i dyed it. Its amazing the comments i get... no one believes its my actual hair! i've had kids i dont even know waliing up to me and asking to touch it.. everyone is always telling me how awesome it looks and i must agree.. it tis the S**t. :)"

"It's Limelight and Atomic Pink. They have lasted forever. I've had my hair this colcour since the begining of November and now it's January and the pink is still really pink and the green has faded to a cool blondish green. Amazing."

Atomic Pink over bleached out hair.

" I used wildflower, atomic pink, and fishbowl. It's been almost a week and they're still pretty bright, but some of the tips are fading a bit. "

"Here are some pics of my feshly dyed hair. An atomic pink mohawk with a hi-octane orange devilock (bangs). It was done over fairly light yellow blonde. Since all of my hair was blonde and I didn't want to get the color on the sides of my hair, I brought the dye into my hairdresser and she did it for me."

"Hello! I wanted to tell you guys that the Special Effects Atomic Pink hairdye was amazing! I had bleached my hair and let it fade to an orange-blonde. When I used the hairdye, it made the hair color become a bright fuscia/magenta. After a month, it faded to a light pink, similar to the Cupcake Pink hairdye. Here's a picture of my hair freshly dyed..."

"The pink is Atomic Pink over bleached hair with a hint of red dye left in it."

" The first three pictures are a few days after dying my hair with Atomic Pink and Virgin Rose. No pictures I have give the color justice. It was soooo bright. The last picture was about two and a half months after dying it. It hardly faded. The only reason I got rid of it was my roots were really dark and long so I just dyed it all black."

"The first thing one has to do in order to get the brightest, pinkest hair around, unfortunately, is bleach it. And man, did I bleach the hell out of my hair to get it to take the dye. It was absolutely damaged and destroyed and felt like straw. It was worth it, however, once I put the pink in! Yes, that is all my real hair. I've noticed that SFX has restorative properties-my hair always feels healthier after it has been dyed. Which is a godsend since it is naturally black and gets slaughtered during the bleaching process. I've also noticed that the drier and more damaged your hair is, the more dye it sucks up. And man, did it suck up that atomic pink. The picture with the green stuff on my face is from Halloween, a full two months after I put the dye in, and it hasn't changed in the slightest(I was Poison Ivy, by the way). The only place it faded at all was around my roots a very little bit, which you can see in the third picture. After three months of pink hair I got annoyed with it, but as usual it refused to fade no matter how much I washed it. I finally had to cover it up with purple, but I don't have any pictures of that as I had to break down and cut off most of it shortly afterwards. Which is a shame, because that purple was just fabulous."

Atomic Pink over bleached hair/previously Napalm'd hair, 2 months after dyeing.

"...a shot of my hair with pimpin purple streaks and atomic pink. wheee"

Atomic Pink over prebleached hair =)

Freshly done Atomic Pink with Napalm Orange =)

'Amy here....these are pics of me with my beautiful atomic pink and black hair!! I absolutely love it. This pic was taken right after I dyed it.'

" While a friend and I were debating on what color to dye my hair and how I wanted it dyed, he mentioned that it sucked that there were no partial dye jobs with curly hair. so with no further ado:

The atomic pink color was grabbed by my hair in the front where i had bleached a streak in my hair several times before. In the back the hair was light brown after bleaching and is a much darker shade of pink although still beautiful. "

Atomic Pink put on top of bleached streaks in brown hair - this was taken around a month after dye application.

Atomic Pink layered with Pimpin' Purple and Fishbowl.

"I attached a picture of my hair the night of dying and one of it a month and a half later. I used Atomic Pink and Fishbowl on bleached hair. The fishbowl faded after a month but a month and a half later the atomic pink is holdin strong."

Atomic Pink on the bangs - photography by the talented folks at http://www.sinistersister.com/ (I'm sorry I had to shrink it a bit to fit in the gallery!)

Another photo of Atomic Pink bangs!

Atomic Pink, freshly done over hair bleached to a yellow-blonde.

Vibrant Atomic Pink in the front, with Limelight in the back and underneath! =)

Atomic Pink, she said the color lasts around 3-4 months on her, until she has to redo it due to the undyed roots coming in.

Freshly dyed atomic pink over bleached hair.

"I recently ordered SE Atomic Pink from Amphigory, and within a few days it arrived at my doorstep. That fucking rocked me hard. So then the obligatory jumping and wailing was had and now my head is a lovely shade of kickass. Here's a couple pictures I wanted to share. I should mention that i had bleached my head entirely till it was all bright/light yellow - orange is the devil. Enjoy! and thanks again!"

Cupcake Pink and Atomic Pink - the left photo is freshly done, the right photo is after 2-3 weeks!

Atomic Pink on bleached-out hair.

atomic pink bright pink hairdye

"Pink! Atomic Pink with a bit of Cupcake Pink. And that's all my real hair! Within a week of dying, on bleached hair."

"I played around with the warp brush as you can tell but I didn't modify the colors at all. In my experience the cupcake pink doesn't show up nearly as well as Atomic Pink, but for this I bleached my hair (twice) and used the mixer/toner. I felt a little self-conscious with it all pink, and added blobs of green a few days later. But I don't have a pic of that."

Really brightly dyed Atomic Pink.

Tara with Blue Mayhem and Atomic Pink hair

Tara pictured above with Atomic Pink and Blue Mayhem on freshly bleached hair, wow! =)

atomic pink bright pink hairdye

The submitter said "This photo was taken at night the same day I dyed it over bleached yellow/white hair...the color lasted forever and shows up bright even at night and in bars/clubs."

Above is Jess =)

'(Deep Purple) My current color =D I have it on the tips of my atomic pink bangs and that combination really helps bring it out more. I love the purple and I didn't have to bleach the tips of my bangs, I just applied and it came out great.'

Atomic Pink and black streaks over bleached hair

'The second photo is me with SPFX atomic pink over bleached white/blond hair. This hair dye is amazing!!!!! I dyed it atomic pink and it stayed that bright for months before fading to a lighter but still very bright pink!! People stopped me all the time and told me it was amazing and asked what color it was! '

Freshly dyed Atomic Pink streaks over bleached hair.

Beautiful Atomic Pink hair

" I took this about a month after I had my hair dyed using Special Effects Atomic Pink. My roots are showing pretty bad, but the color stayed like magic even though I wash my hair everyday. My sister did the actual dye job over freshly bleached ... hair."

Atomic Pink over freshly bleached hair.

Atomic Pink with Blue Mayhem, and also a great photo of Atomic Pink on its own.

Spider Lady says:
" One day after dying over week old 40 vol. bleached lemon/plat colored streaks"

Special Effects Atomic Pink lasts from 4-6 weeks depending on your hair's porosity. The more porous your hair, the longer it will last. Atomic Pink is $12.49 for a 4oz bottle of color.

Atomic Pink
very bright pink
Atomic Pink

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