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Japanese incense (or 'koh') is unique from what you may generally think of as incense, since it is a rolled and pressed incense stick - unlike Indian and other Asian incenses which are rolled and formed on a bamboo stick

This method of incense creation gives a very pure scent to the resulting stick. There isn't an underlaying 'generic burning' smell like you can experience with bamboo-based incense sticks.

We are proud to carry Nippon Kodo brand and Kokando Japanese incense, two well known and respected companies that have been following incense traditions started over 400 years ago. Join us in the Japanese incense experience! Fine Nippon Kodo and Kokando incenses.

Eiju is a rich sandalwood/aloeswood incense. This is on the mid-to-sweet side. Approx 50 sticks/5 inches long.

50 stick bundle of Eiju incense - $4.50

Daigen-koh by Nippon Kodo is a slightly floral rosewood incense.. This is on the mid-to-sweet side. Approx 30 sticks/9.75 inches long.

30 stick bundle of Daigen-koh incense - $2.50

Ran-Getsu by Kokando Co is a florally somewhat violet scented incense. On the sweet side, tempered by some sweet wood tones. Approx 24g per bundle, sticks are approx 8.5 inches long

24g bundle of Ran-Getsu incense - $2.90

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