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Beautiful drawstring hairpieces to add on to your natural hair. Who hasn't wanted a long luscious ponytail, or to temporarily have a shorter or highlighted 'tail? These can serve as a pretty nice base for your own hairpiece creations too =)

How to use these drawstring hairpieces: Put your hair up into a bun, your goal is to make it very budge proof. So, pin pin pin it so it doesn't move. Each drawstring piece has 1-2 combs in it, and a drawstring (sometimes one drawstring for each side. Mush the combs into the top and bottom of the well-pinned base of your bun and pull the drawstring super tight and hide the string underneath. Pin more as needed. Voila!

Many of our clip-on hairpices have a removable clip making them part drawstring part clip on pieces. So if you don't see what you want on this page, please do check the general Hairpiece page and the Clip-on hairpiece Page.

Drawstring hairpieces

Standard colors
12 inches long


Standard colors
18-23 inches long


Standard colors
16-18 inches long


Standard colors

16-18 inches long


Latisha Collection
Standard colors
21 long

String Fall DC

New Look Collection
Standard colors
21.5-23 inches long


Latisha Collection
Standard colors
23-25 inches long


Anytime Collection
LT 35 dredlock hairpiece LT23 ponytail drawstring hairpiece

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