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Beautiful Claw-clip-on ponytails to add to your hair!

How to use these claw clip hairpieces: Claw clips are clips that have a springy bit in them, so you pinch the top to open the clip and let it go to close the clip. You put your hair up, install the clip on the hair and you're ready to go! If you have shorter hair, you can make a small vertical series of tiny buns to clip the claw clip onto, so your hair is more tidily secure!

For non-ponytail clip on hair pieces, bangs, highlight streaks and 'etc', check the general Hairpiece page!

Clip on hairpieces - all are claw-clip based unless otherwise stated.

Standard colors
10 inches long


Standard colors
16 inches long


Standard colors
19 inches long


Standard colors
18-22 inches long


Standard colors
20 inches long


Standard colors
23.5 inches long


Standard colors
32 inches long



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