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Gloves - Wrist Length

We've had requests for more satin gloves - so we're picking up a few colors in different lengths to carry. If we don't currently show what you need, please ask! We can get many different colors in these lengths!

A Note on Matte colors: 'Matte' is in single quotes since satin gloves are *never completely* matte. However, the weave is done so as not to pick up the light much, so you don't get blindingly white flash when you take a photo of you wearing the gloves =). So, the 'matte' looks a little bit like the opposite side of woven satin fabric, but a little more 'shimmery'.

Length: Middle finger to cuff unworn/stretched: 9 inches. Made from stretchy satin.

$16.00 per pair

Silver (shown above) wrist length 'matte' satin gloves
White wrist length 'matte' satin gloves
Black wrist length 'matte' satin gloves

Gloves - Opera length

These gloves come above the elbow while you're wearing them - length probably depends on how large your arms are, the larger the arms the 'shorter' they will look. On me (short stubby arms, wide upper arms) they're almost to my armpits. Check the measurement below against your body before you make your decision!

Above is the swatch of the Pink color - all of the light colors are very light weight, so you won't feel super constricted and perspirey wearing these!

Length: Middle finger to cuff unworn/stretched: 23 inches. Made from stretchy satin. $21.00 per pair.
'Matte' colors:

(cool toned very light) Pink (shown above) opera length 'matte' satin gloves
Black opera length 'matte' satin gloves
White opera length 'matte' satin gloves

Shiny colors:

White opera length Shiny satin gloves

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