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Lama Chodpa incense is produced through the efforts of a charitable society called the Friends of Nub Gon Monastery. FNM is a non-profit charity formed between the monks and some lay people of the village with the goal of easing tensions and social concerns through working on projects of importance to the surrounding community. They are currently building a hospital, creating a school, library, literacy camps, a residence for seniors in the village, working on a large scale reforestation effort, and have completed a sanctuary for women.

Organic, 100% free of chemicals, pesticides or additives. Grown, blessed and handmade at the Monastery to the exact specifications of a recipe from an ancient scroll.

Tibetan tradition is adhered to during the process, using the purest possible ingredients which are individually ground by mortar and pestle, blended by hand and sun-dried.

All ingredients are blessed; one is the object of a 9 day blessing ceremony for 12 hours a day by 150 monks. After the 9 days blessing, it is placed in a Dharma protector room to be blessed once a day for an entire year by a Togden (meditation master).

In Buddhism the highest spiritual ideal is to cultivate compassion for all sentient beings and to work for their welfare to the greatest possible extent. It is through the sale of Lama Chodpa that the Friends of Nub Gon Monastery hope to spread powerful blessings and to realize this goal.

Each package of Lama Chodpa incense is wrapped in soft handmade paper and sealed with red wax. Each tube contains 15 sticks of incense and is $12.00


Lama Chodpa incense - Clean Environment - $12.00

Lama Chodpa incense - Flower Incense - $12.00

Lama Chodpa incense - Meditation - $12.00

Lama Chodpa incense - Relaxation - $12.00

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