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Alchemy Gothic bracelets cast in Fine English Pewter. Alchemy Gothic line of bracelets has always embraced heavy metal, medieval, gothic and pentacle finery - and has expanded to include steampunk, and some visions of a definitely darker and more vampire induced bent! Many of them feature Swarovski crystal or fine hand-done enamel work.

Bracelets are all adjustable by carefully squeezing to adjust to ones wrist, some bracelets are adjustable chains which you'll note in the photographs below. Repeated adjusting may cause stress fractures, so just adjust once to your perfect fit.

Some Alchemy Gothic bracelets are available in sizes, the Small will fit between 6-7 inches, medium between 7-9 inches and large between 7-9 inches.

St Levantius
Inscribed with the latin and runic message 'The strength of thee sacred blood of St Levantius'; set with red faceted crystal (size small or large, please specify)

A10 - $43.00

Spectrostatic Nocturnium
Early scientific instrumental band for controlling moonlight wavelength emulations; in antiqued pewter and solid brass (size medium)

A15 - $60.00

The metalised spine of a vanquished predator, forms this hinged, articulated bangle, with safety chain. (size medium)

A29 - $57.00

Pentagram Gaelic Plait
Comfortable, hand plaited black leather wristband with pewter pentagram button-fastening.

A37 - $25.00

Runering-Dragon strap
The runes of genesis, protected by the skeletal remains of a guardian-dragon' on an adjustable, black leather strap.

A40 - $35.00

In Nomine Patrie
'In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost'; an amethyst Swarovski crystal-mounted, Latin-inscribed bangle of the high church (size medium)

A41 - $45.00

Interlocking spine-fin bracelet

A45 - $69.00

Skull 'n' Bones Strap
The Immortal badge of honour; on a black adjustable leather strap

A51 - $35.00

The Hampton Oriel Bracelet
Inspired by a long lost oriel window prayer bay, from the magnificent Hampton Court of the Renaissance; set with stunning 'amethyst' (not green, as above) enamel and matching Swarovski crystals and mounted on a black velvet ribbon band.

A59 - $72.00

Dead Man's Cuff
Bangle style bracelet inspired by traditional C18th pirate sytle decoration and 'dead man's' skull

A62 - $72.00

Curse of Ezekiel
The Old Testament's prophet of horror, with his foretold rising of bones coming to grisly fruition and taking a firm grip on the wearer.

A68 - $85.00

La Fleur de Baudelaire
Paris' celebrated C19th 'gothic' poet and visionary, and champion of the supernaturally creative powers of absinthe; with Swarovski crystal.

A69 - $65.00

Vamp Bangle
Stylish wrist-ware for the fashionable vampire-sympathiser, with Crystallized fang and etched cross finial detail. (one size, adjustable)

A76 - $45.00

Robert Dudley's original design for the tracery moulding above the North entrance to Kenilworth Castle for his great love, alas, never used. Swarovski crystal hearts (one size, adjustable)

A78 - $59.00

Temptation of Havva
The embodiment of both Eve and the Fall of Man; (one size, adjustable)

A79 - $79.00

A tangled cuff of bloody thorns, encrusted with Swarovski crystal drops; (one size, adjustable)

A80 - $59.00

Mrs Hudson's Cellar Keys
Matron of both house and workshop-laboratory, this, her bracelet made-up of some of her many technological access devices

A81 - $60.00

Black Romance bangle
Wear your heart on your sleeve - a black heart wrapped around your wrist by spreadeagled wings of ethereal flight
Sizes available: small and medium

A83 - $59.00

Vipers Rite Bracelet
Life and death ceremonially court each other in a ritualistic dance of fate; with Swarovski crystals.

A87 - $45.00

Vis Viva - Dragon
The living power; overwhelming energy and the force of life encircles and liberates the wearer; with Swarovski crystals.
One size, adjustable

A88 - $79.00

A rococo masterpiece of romantic metaphor, with the blood red enamelled heart of passion.
One size, adjustable

A89 - $69.00

I Dieth
The ultimate allegory to the eternal-self and acceptance of fate.
Adjustable leather strap.

A90 - $45.00

Bird of Death
Crest of the 'living corpse' of the Carpathians, Count Orlok, otherwise known as Nosferatu. Available in two sizes: large or small

A91 - $55.00

Killing Fields
Assembled from the sobering detritus of all-out war. Available in two sizes: Large or Small

A93 - $45.00

Poison Ivy Charm Bracelet
A bewitching blend of bitter-sweet, with Swarovski 'pearls' and pewter skulls and ivy leaves, to match the P605 necklace. One Size adjustable.

A94 - $65.00

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