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Alchemy Gothic bracelets cast in Fine English Pewter. Alchemy Gothic line of bracelets has always embraced heavy metal, medieval, gothic and pentacle finery - and has expanded to include steampunk, and some visions of a definitely darker and more vampire induced bent! Many of them feature Swarovski crystal or fine hand-done enamel work.

All items are lead-free English pewter unless otherwise specified. These items are meticulously handcrafted and come to us from Alchemy Gothic. It takes about 2 weeks from the time we order items to the time you should expect to receive them, we recommend ordering with that in mind to avoid being disappointed.

Bracelets are all adjustable by carefully squeezing to adjust to ones wrist, some bracelets are adjustable chains which you'll note in the photographs below. Repeated adjusting may cause stress fractures, so just adjust once to your perfect fit.

Some Alchemy Gothic bracelets are available in sizes, the Small will fit between 6-7 inches, medium between 7-9 inches and large between 7-9 inches.

Black Baron Technicians Wingstrap
A100 - $55.00

Flocking Ravens
A101 - $75.00

Gear of Aiwass
A102 - $47.50

No Mans Land
available in small and large

A103 - $55.00

The Dogaressas Last Love
A104 - $65.00

Spectrostatic Nocturnium
size medium

A15 - $60.00

size medium

A29 - $60.00

Pentagram Gaelic Plait
On a black leather wristband button-fastening.

A37 - $25.00

Runering-Dragon strap
on an adjustable, black leather strap.

A40 - $35.00

In Nomine Patrie
size medium

A41 - $45.00

Skull 'n' Bones Strap
on a black adjustable leather strap

A51 - $35.00

Dead Cuff
A61 - $50.00

Curse of Ezekiel

A68 - $85.00

La Fleur de Baudelaire

A69 - $65.00

Vamp Bangle
one size, adjustable

A76 - $45.00

one size, adjustable

A78 - $59.00

Temptation of Havva
one size, adjustable

A79 - $79.00

one size, adjustable

A80 - $59.00

Mrs Hudson's Cellar Keys

A81 - $60.00

Black Romance bangle
Sizes available: small and medium

A83 - $49.50

A85 - $45.00

Vis Viva - Dragon
One size, adjustable

A88 - $79.00

One size, adjustable

A89 - $69.00

I Dieth
Adjustable leather strap.

A90 - $50.00

Bird of Death
Available in two sizes: large or small

A91 - $55.00

Headcount Chain Bracelet
available in medium or large

A92 - $55.00

Killing Fields
Available in two sizes: Large or Small

A93 - $45.00

Poison Ivy Charm Bracelet
One Size adjustable.

A94 - $65.00

Tears of Grief Lancelet
A95 - $57.00

Skull and Briar Rose
A96 - $49.00

Pirate Princess Leather Strap
A97 - $69.00

A98 - $45.00

A99 - $55.00

Ace of Dead Spades
ULA1 - $33.50

Tattoo Gun
ULA3 - $69.00

Pain is Pleasure
ULA4 - $39.00

Skull Duster
ULA5 - $35.00

Carpe Diem Wrist Strap
ULA7 - $49.50

Sacred Ink Wrist Strap
ULA9 - $44.50

Razor Chain
ULFA5 - $46.50

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