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Tattoo inspired chicky rockabilly and alternative style necklaces - we've got them and you'll love them! Tattoo inspired swallows swooping into a Swarovski crystal heart, painted lady tattoo gun necklace for your artist, delicious and wicked Love and Hate hearts and daggers, love and crossbones, Wicked devilish 17 and the ultimate in sugar skull goodness 'Banderas de los Muertos'! Necklaces are all made by Alchemy Gothic and use fine materials such as fine pewter, hand-applied enamel inlays, and Swarovski crystals.

Swallow Heart
Two tattoo style Swallows holding a red crystal heart. Supplied on silver finish chain.
ULFP1 - $41.00

Banderas De Los Muertos
Multicolor crystals and enamels adorn this unique, articulated 'Day of the Dead' style bunting necklace. Featuring relief modelled sugar skull and matching etched backs. Matching ring available.
ULFP11 - $60.00

I Love I Hate
Articulated, enamelled and Swarovski crystalled necklace declaring Love on the front side and Hate on the reverse. On split trace chain.
ULFP12 - $59.00

Swallow Love
2 color enamelled Swallow pendant with Swarovski crystal heart, crystal 'strings' and etched 'Love' scroll.
ULFP13 - $35.00

El Corazon
Articulated pewter wings and flaming skull frame the large blue heart Swarovski crystal mounted by an etched gilt scoll. On split trace chain.
ULFP14 - $79.00

Rose Heart
Intricate and delicate Rose Heart pendant, adorned with 3 color enamel Swarovski crystals and satin 'roses'. On double black satin ribbon.
ULFP15 - $59.00

Painted Lady
Scrolled tattoo guns surround a pink crystal heart. Supplied on silver finish chain.
ULFP3 - $41.00

UL17 Ink
Three clear crystals adorn this scrolled tattoo gun. Hanging from black crystal bead and supplied on silver finish chain.
ULFP4 - $35.00

Love Hate
Red enamelled heart and gold enamelled dagger scroll. Supplied on black beads and red ribbon.
ULFP5 - $45.50

Devilish 17
Flame red enamelled '17' pendant with a devilish touch. Mounted with Siam crystal and supplied on trace chain.
ULFP8 - $29.00

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