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Alchemy Gothic spring 2013 selection!

The new Alchemy Gothic and Metal wear collection has launched for spring 2013. Sets of note include coordinating Poison Ivy earrings, bracelet and necklace; Twilight necklace and earring sets featuring a mother-of-pearl moon and Swarovski crystal endowed bats. Their Art Deco inspired line continues to grow with this seasonal collection. A hookah inspired necklace, Tie-the-knot gothic style wedding necklace with appropriate adornments and a formidable looking bat-bladed battle axe are some of the more interesting pieces this season.

Our favorites are The Demon In My Head - a Swarovski encrusted skull that hides a dark secret on the opposite site, and the Asphyxia Gas Mask ring

All items are lead-free English pewter unless otherwise specified. These items are meticulously handcrafted and come to us from England. It takes about 2-5 weeks from the time we order items to the time we receive them, we recommend ordering with that in mind to avoid being disappointed.

Bird of Death
Available in two sizes: large or small

A91 - $55.00

Killing Fields
Available in two sizes: Large or Small

A93 - $45.00

Poison Ivy Charm Bracelet
One Size adjustable.

A94 - $65.00

A discrete, yet disturbingly sinuous collection of human osuary. Single earring.

E313 - $15.00

Ivy League
The three skulls of ancient wisdom sit sagely upon each ivy-adorned ear hoop: pair.

E314 - $39.00

She Walks
In Beauty ... Lord Byron's lamentable words for an unknown lover; complementing the P640 necklace: pair; with etched brass, cabochons and Swarovski crystals.

E315 - $55.00

Bomber-Rest In Peace
A posthumous Iron Cross for a godless combatant. With black enamel cross. Single Cuff stud earring.

E317 - $17.50

Seductively fluttering about the mother of pearl moon, these bats complement the P655 necklace: with Swarovski crystal. Comes as a pair

E318 - $55.00

Insidious bringer of death and pestilence to humankind over centuries of suffering and desolation.

P652 - $27.50

Heraldic device of the dark cross of sedition, covetously smothered by the viper of deceit.

P653 - $25.00

Indomitable, 16th century heavy warrior's weapon from the dark forests of Carpathia.

P654 - $27.50

The alluring scene is set for romantic and seductively dangerous engagements: with mother of pearl moon and 9 Swarovski crystal stars.

P655 - $62.50

The ancient Egyptian god of creativity and fertility, astronomically related to the constellation of Aries: two-tone, with Swarovski crystals and dropper.

P656 - $77.00

Dudley's Jewel
The magnificent rapier of the celebrated courtier, and alleged secret lover of The Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I, Robert Dudley: two-tone with Swarovski crystal decorated hilt.

P657 - $74.00

Isaiah 14:29
The eye of God bears down on the Philistines, threatening impending doom: with Swarovski crystal.

P658 - $55.00

Gothic Matrimony
Tying the knot with a touch of romantic darkness: articulated ribbon with Swarovski crystals.

P659 - $64.00

Drakul's Mirror
Framed in his gigantic, decaying entrance hall, hangs the glass in which he will never see himself: with engraved acrylic mirror and Swarovski crystal.

P660 - $49.00

The Demon in My Head
No matter how I cover myself in riches, I cannot conceal my inner troubles; the devil writhes within... : with giant Swarovski crystal snakeside, and three crystals faceside

P661 - $69.00

Spring-heeled Jill
Extraordinary motoric assistentia shoe of the feminal rejoinder to the revered gaslight fiend of Victorian London, Spring-heeled Jack: two-tone with Swarovski crystal strap and headlight.

P662 - $59.00

Holmes-Baker Patent Kinetic Nargile
An ingenious, thermally amplified hookah, the 1877 brainchild of a celebrated, London intellect: tri-tone pewter with leather and rubber hose and glass ball.

P663 - $105.00

A sparklingly stunning display of outrageous Deco design, articulated to glitter and impress: gorget and penduli encrusted throughout with Swarovski crystals.

P664 - $95.00

I Dieth Choker
A bold and reflective allegory to the eternal-self and the dignified acceptance of ultimate fate: on burgundy satin choker ribbon, for hand tying.

P665 - $59.00

Natural Magic: The Lore of The Forest
The eye of an ent, a giant, talking tree and oldest, wisest being to exist in the dark world of the Middle Ages: in bronzed pewter with realistic acrylic eye and multi Swarovski crystals.

P666 - $95.00

Lord Of The Flies
A beautifully hideous, giant, black-bronzed fly in disgusting detail, contrasting its silver-polished pewter wings, beset with Swarovski crystals.
In sizes L, N, Q, T, W, Y

R184 - $50.00

Authentic rendition of a WW1 German gas mask from the trenches: with glass lenses
Available in sizes Q,T, W, Y, Z1

R185 - $45.00

The first punk automaton, lobotomised to reveal the mechanical workings of this unique period phenomena: two-tone, with moving gearwheel mohican.
Available in sizes N, Q, T, W, Y

R186 - $69.00

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