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Alchemy Gothic spring 2013 selection!

The new Alchemy Gothic and Metal wear collection has launched for spring 2013. Sets of note include coordinating Poison Ivy earrings, bracelet and necklace; Twilight necklace and earring sets featuring a mother-of-pearl moon and Swarovski crystal endowed bats. Their Art Deco inspired line continues to grow with this seasonal collection. A hookah inspired necklace, Tie-the-knot gothic style wedding necklace with appropriate adornments and a formidable looking bat-bladed battle axe are some of the more interesting pieces this season.

Our favorites are The Demon In My Head - a Swarovski encrusted skull that hides a dark secret on the opposite site, and the Asphyxia Gas Mask ring

All items are lead-free English pewter unless otherwise specified. These items are meticulously handcrafted and come to us from England. It takes about 2-5 weeks from the time we order items to the time we receive them, we recommend ordering with that in mind to avoid being disappointed.

Bird of Death
Available in two sizes: large or small

A91 - $55.00

Killing Fields
Available in two sizes: Large or Small

A93 - $45.00

Poison Ivy Charm Bracelet
One Size adjustable.

A94 - $65.00


E313 - $15.00

Ivy League

E314 - $39.00

She Walks

E315 - $55.00

Bomber-Rest In Peace cuff stud

E317 - $17.50


E318 - $55.00

Around 2 inches tall.

P653 - $25.00

Around 2.5 inches tall

P654 - $27.50

Around 1.5 inches tall

P655 - $62.50

Around 3 inches tall

P656 - $77.00

Dudley's Jewel
Around 4 inches tall

P657 - $74.00

Isaiah 14:29
Around 3 inches tall.

P658 - $55.00

Gothic Matrimony
Around 4 inches tall

P659 - $64.00

Drakul's Mirror
Around 2 inches tall

P660 - $49.00

The Demon in My Head
Around 1 inch tall

P661 - $69.00

Spring-heeled Jill
Around 1 inch tall

P662 - $59.00

Natural Magic: The Lore of The Forest
Around 3 inches tall

P666 - $95.00

Lord Of The Flies
In sizes L, N, Q, T, W, Y

R184 - $50.00

Available in sizes Q,T, W, Y, Z1

R185 - $45.00

Available in sizes N, Q, T, W, Y

R186 - $69.00

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