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Opaque bodysuits, for when you need to layer for extra warmth or a little extra modesty.

opaque body suit

Sometimes you want a little extra modesty under your outfit or costume - maybe it's a costume that is almost opaque, but not quite, and you'd like it to be. Or you just want a nice bodysuit under your clothing or costume.

This is an opaque long sleeved bodysuit that goes on over your head and snaps securely at the crotch. It's fairly opaque, if you look at the stock photo above you'll see that you can catch a hint of a sports bra underneath. The more this matches your skin/costume/undergarmets, the more opaque it will appear. Also the closer you are to the smaller end of the size ranges, the less the material will stretch and the more opaque it will be.

100% Nylon. Hand wash in gentle detergent like Woolite or Soak and drip dry.

Adult Tights and Bodywear size chart:

Small - size: 2 - 7; weight: 100 - 120 lbs.
Medium - size: 8 - 10; weight: 121 - 139 lbs.
Large - size: 12 - 14; weight: 140 - 164 lbs.
Plus - size: 16 - 24; weight: 165 - 190 lbs.
One Size Fits Most - size: 6 - 10; weight: 100 - 160 lbs.

$13.00 each. The Non-plus size are discontinued by the manufacturer. We have the sizes below in stock, but only 1's or 2's for each size.

Black body suits

Black bodysuit - small/medium

Black bodysuit - medium/large

Black bodysuit - plus size

Nude (it's a light/medium flesh tone shade) body suits

Nude bodysuit - small/medium

Nude bodysuit - medium/large

Nude bodysuit - plus size

White body suits

White bodysuit - small/medium

White bodysuit - medium/large

White bodysuit - plus size

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